StavPay is a business spend management software as a service (SaaS) that sits above all other technologies at the management company and the funds.

  • It captures, houses and manages your vendors, contracts and invoices.
  • Vendor/client send invoices via email to StavPay. The OCR/Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence pulls data, from documents.
  • Allocates expenses in unlimited ways, unlimited layers, using any attribute and sends back into your workflows completed for your review.
  • Travels through your customized and unlimited workflows for approval.
  • Then integrates down stream for auto booking to your general ledgers, banks, wire platforms, soft dollar providers, fund administrators, etc.
  • Now digitized, enjoy comprehensive, robust, dynamic, and customized reporting from the highest to lowest level of detail.
  • Real time budget to actual, automation of accruals and inter-entity reimbursement process, a legal module interface, and 1099 reporting.
  • The Business Process Operations (BPO) team is included. They become an extension of your accounting team.