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Our Products


StavPay, is a Business Spend Management SaaS that sits above all other technologies and captures, houses and manages your vendors, contracts, and invoices while giving you the ability allocate expenses in unlimited ways and layers, using any attribute. After approval using your customized workflows, it integrates downstream for automatic booking to your general ledgers, banks, wire platforms, fund administrators, soft dollar providers, and any other relevant third parties. With your organizational and financial information now digitized, you will have unprecedented, robust and dynamic reporting across your enterprise.  Additional modules automate the management of accruals, inter-entity reimbursements, real time budget to actuals, projections, 1099 production and electronic filing, and an interface for your in-house attorney to manage and communicate directly in StavPay.


StavOrg will be an integrated platform which houses all of an organization’s legal entity information in one place.



StavTask will be a task management application for managing, monitoring and documenting scheduled and adhoc business workflows.

Who We Are

Stavtar Solutions is a software company headquartered in New York, with employees located in the United States and India. Founded by Financial and Technology professionals from the hedge fund, private equity, and investment banking industries, Stavtar is well versed in the marriage between people, processes, and technology.  

Stavtar Solutions knows that each organization is complex and unique. Flexibility for the complex is required, and there is always a solution.  Our founders and employees have built processes, software and platforms for both large international financial firms, and small boutique start-ups.


Stavtar provides cloud hosted mobile and web applications for asset managers and financial service firms.


Stavtar Solutions provides business process operations resources with its software StavPay. Its business analysts and development teams can also help with building customized, cost effective software solutions.

What Our Users Have to Say

Stavtar's platform of products will be the environment that alternative asset managers reside in from this day forward. Stavtar's understanding of technology and operations, along with their elegant attention to detail and focus on the user experience differentiates them from all others like them in the space.  


I highly recommend Stavtar Solutions for both it's team of experts as well as the StavPay product. They and It have been instrumental in transforming our ability to organize, manage, allocate and report on our entire business cost. 


Stavtar Solutions is one of the more impressive young financial technology vendors we have worked with.  With a unique vision and understanding of the needs of an alternative asset manager, I believe their platform of products will quickly become the gold standard in our industry and beyond. 


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