STAVORG is an integrated platform which houses all of an organization’s legal entity information in one place, allowing for easy accessibility, standard as well as customized reporting, and searching capabilities.

  • Perhaps you are opening up new prime broker or banking relationships, and need formation documents, organization charts, etc.
  • You are looking to provide EIN and GIIN for some or all of your entities to a counter-party.
  • Maybe you want to track the due dates of tax filings, audits, CIMA filings, for each entity.
  • Perhaps you need to produce W9 and W8s to all of your prime brokers, or customers and want to ensure they are all up to date.

STAVORG is the area of the platform where all of this information can be stored, tracked, and reported upon to management, investors, lenders, counter-parties, regulatory bodies, and alike.

Standard reports using this information can be created and produced at a touch of a button.

In addition, you can set up alerts and metrics to help you track and maintain these entities any way you might see fit.